Corrosion protection


Himadri produces coal tar-based corrosion protection products using its own technology for use in the corrosion protection of underground and off-shore pipelines.

Brand Applications
Himcoat Enamel Provides anti-corrosion protection to underground and off-shore pipelines
Himcoat Primer-B
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Tanks, underground structures and fittings
  • Water and sewage pipelines
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Tanks, underground structures and fittings
Himwrap Provides complete protection to the underground pipeline as it protects the enamel against soil stress, pipe shift, moisture, bacteria and root growth

    Brand: Himcoat Primer-B

  • All-season primer designed to dry faster under all temperature conditions
  • Tasteless and odourless; used to coat pipes from the inside
  • Brand: Himtape

  • Ease of application and low application cost
  • Uniform coating thickness
  • Brand: Himwrap

  • High electrical resistance
  • Bacteria resistant
Qualities and specifications

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Himcoat Primer-B Download PDF

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Himcoat Enamel: It is packed in metal drums of 200 kg each.

Himcoat Primer: Packed in liquid form 20 ltr metal container or 200 ltr drums.

Himtape: Rolls are packed in card board boxes (wooden box packing at extra cost).

Himwrap: Rolls are packed in cardboard boxes.