Naphthalene Sulphonate


At Himadri, sulfonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate sodium salt is produced in liquid and powdered form. Improves concrete mix by dispersing cement particles for extended workability, also improves the compressive flexural strength. Also used asa dispersing agent in dyes, leather and agro industries.

Products Applications Benefits
Benton SP-011- Liquid and Powder Form It can be used on its own or with Admixture formulations for:
  • High performance concrete
  • High- fluidity concrete
  • High-strength concrete for dams, bridges and high buildings
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Highly durable concrete
  • Fly ash concrete, slag concrete
  • Pre-casting
  • Improves flow properties; enables the fast mixing of the concrete
  • Assures higher resistance of concrete by improving the rheological properties such as compressive, flexural strength and modulus elasticity
  • Environment friendly and non-hazardous product for application even in contact with drinking water
  • Is cost efficient; supports increased use of cementitious supplementary material such as silica, fly ash and slag
  • Excellent product formulators compatible with admixture; versatile for formulations
Qualities and specifications

Beton SP-011- Liquid form (S043 & S040) Download PDF

Beton SP-011- Powder form (P 100) Download PDF


S 043 and S 040 are available in barrels, tankers, IBC, ISO tank containers and flexi tanks as per customer requirement.

The product P 100 is packed in 25 kg to 500 kg jumbo HDPE bags as per customer requirements.