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 Stock Exchange
 Listing Code
 1 Bombay Stock exchange Limited P.J. Towers, Dalal Street, Fort Mumbai- 400001 500184

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd,Exchange Plaza, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra ( East)

Mumbai – 400051



pdf logoPublic Notice for Financial Result 31.03.2017
pdf logoHSCL Closure of Trading Window 10.05.2017
pdf logoHSCL Notice of BM 10.05.2017
pdf logoIntimation of Schedule of Analyst Institutional Investor meetings April 2017
pdf logoHimadri Investor Presentation April 2017
pdf logoRating for commercial paper
pdf logoIntimation for loss of share certificate 14.03.2017
pdf logoHSCL Newspaper Advertisment 14.02.2017
pdf logoBM - 13.02.2017 - Closure of Trading Window - St Ex
pdf logoBM - 13.02.2017 - Notice to Stock Exchange
pdf logoLoss of shares Public Notice - 27.01.2017
pdf logoLoss of shares Public Notice - 17.01.2017
pdf logoResignation of Nominee Director
pdf logoHSCL BM 14.11.2016 Notice to Public
pdf logoHSCL newspaper adv
pdf logoIntimation Regulation 30
pdf logoHimadri Voting Results
pdf logoNECS Mandate Form
pdf logoHimadri Media Release Q1FY 2017
pdf logoHimadri Q1FY 2017 Result Presentation
pdf logoNotice of Board Meeting 11.08.2016
pdf logoNotice of Closure of Trading Window
pdf logoAmmendment in MOA and AOA
pdf logoHCIL Proceedings Of Postal Ballot
pdf logoHCIL Postal Ballot Voting Results 2016
pdf logoIntimation for Resignation of Director
pdf logoPublic Notice for Postal Ballot 15 june 2016
pdf logoNotice Of Postal Ballot
pdf logoTransscript Analyst - Conference Call May2016
pdf logoHCIL Investor Presentation And PressRelease
pdf logoHCIL BM St Ex Notice of Board Meeting
pdf logoHCIL BM St Ex Notice of Board Meeting
pdf logoLts- Stock Exchnage( LODR )
pdf logoHCIL_ST EX_Credit Rating
pdf logoHCIL Record Date Intimation Due Date of for Paymenmt Intesrest Jan 22 2016
pdf logoHCIL BM St Ex Closure of Trading Window
pdf logoHCIL BM St Ex Notice of Board Meeting
pdf logoHCIL Outcome of BM 23022016
pdf logoIntimation for payment of interest
pdf logoNotice of the Extra-ordinary General Meeting
pdf logoNotice of E - Voting
pdf logoCorreigendum to notice of EGM 22.03.2016 Public advertisement
pdf logoVoting Results of Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 March 2016