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Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Himadri is committed to providing sustainable energy solutions through both green and clean energy sources. Himadri employs an innovative approach by harnessing the low calorific value waste gas produced during the Carbon Black Process in specially designed boilers. These boilers are engineered to generate steam under high pressure and temperature. The resulting high-pressure, high-temperature steam is then used to drive Turbo-Generators, producing energy. The energy generated is supplied to the local electricity grid and also utilized internally to power various operations.

In line with our commitment to energy conservation and environmental preservation, we focus on reclaiming industrial energy that would otherwise go to waste. This proactive measure not only aligns with our energy-saving promise but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

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Advantages of Adopting Clean Energy

Himadri's clean energy ensures a sustainable environmentally friendly energy source.

Green energy provides an inexhaustible and renewable energy supply.

The internal use of green power contributes to electricity independence.

Himadri's approach promotes self-sufficiency in energy needs.

The utilization of green power minimizes environmental impact.

By slowing climate change, our efforts are environmentally beneficial.

Additionally, embracing green energy and clean fuel not only helps protect the environment but also presents an opportunity to reduce utility costs. It is a dual benefit — promoting environmental responsibility while contributing to economic savings.