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Lithium Mining & Refining


Primary Sources for Lithium Mining

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Hard-rock deposits

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Brine reservoirs

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Lithium-containing clay deposits

Each source presents unique challenges and opportunities for extraction, catering to the growing demand for lithium across various industries.

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Refining Process: Following extraction, the refining process is crucial to purify lithium into a usable form for battery production. Himadri aims to have Lithium Sourcing for our LFP Cathode Materials backwardly integrated so as to provide a sustainable and stable Cathode Materials supply to the LiB industry.

Lithium Mines are being explored by us, including Indian resource declared recently is being discussed with the relevant Government department. We also intend to refine Lithium Concentrate to Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide.

Himadri is extensively exploring and developing sustainable technology to extract lithium directly from the lithium sources which will help in reducing the total environmental footprint.