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Carbon Black

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Carbon black is used primarily in the reinforcement of rubber, both for tyre as well as automotive and non-automotive rubber components. Besides providing reinforcement, carbon black also offers unique colouring and conductive properties that are used in a range of applications such as inks and coatings, films and general plastics, conductive cables, electrostatic dissipative (ESD) packaging, synthetic fiber and a variety of other performance related applications. Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd is a leader in carbon black manufacturing producing a wide range of carbon black products that include both ASTM as well as speciality blacks.

Our range of products include standard ASTM carbon blacks, VIRTEX high reinforcing speciality blacks for high performance tyres including off-road tyres. Our KLAREX “clean” carbon blacks provide enhanced performance for specialized rubber goods. We also offer JETEX, ONYX, ELECTRA, COLORX, and BARONX speciality carbon blacks specifically designed to deliver colour, tinting, and conductive performance in a range of demanding applications in plastics, coatings, inks and other speciality applications.

Our manufacturing facility, producing 180,000 mt of carbon black per annum is located in Mahistikry, near Kolkata, India and also includes a modern in-house distillation facility to produce clean feedstock (complementing external feedstock sources) as a raw material for our speciality carbon black reactors. Himadri caters to global customers through its worldwide distribution network supported by local warehouses and sales offices.