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Mission,Vision & Values

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  • + To be company that constantly innovates new products and technologies
       in the field of Carbon.
  • + To have an unrelenting customer focus while being customer's clear choice.
  • + Be a company that attracts, develops individuals to build a proud Himadrian team.
  • + Stay committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic &    environmental well-being of communities in the region of our operations.
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• Integrity : We shall be thoroughly professional in all our activities with absolute honesty and will never compromise on our principles in any way.
• Excellence : We will always strive to achieve the best level of performance in whatever we do and continuously improve ourselves in order to reach that level.
• Safety : The safety of our stakeholders - employees, suppliers, buyers and society, is of utmost importance to us and we will never settle for any practice which puts it in danger.
• Sustainability : We will carry out all our business activities to positively contribute to the creation of a better tomorrow for our future generations.