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Naphthalene Derivatives

Himadri utilizes cutting-edge technology in its multi-stage distillation units for the production of Mix Naphthalene Oil. This raw material undergoes processing in a Fractionating Distillation Column and is further purified through a multi-stage crystallizer to yield Naphthalene. The primary ingredient, Mix Naphthalene Oil, is obtained through the high-temperature distillation of crude coal tar, followed by sequential distillation columns.

Our proficient and experienced division maintains constant oversight, ensuring rigorous monitoring at each step to consistently meet our quality targets.

Naphthalene Derivatives Description Action
Technical Grade Naphthalene Flakes A crew of professionals who adhere to quality standards produces one of these products using components of the greatest quality. These products are used to manufacture saccharine, ophthalmic anhydride, water-reducing admixture, resins, and several other substances. Get a Quote
Refined Naphthalene Flakes & Beads Our skilled specialists manufacture this product in accordance with quality standards and using verified quality components. It seems to be a white, glossy powder. This grade has been developed to fulfil the unique requirements of a customer for the use of dyestuff and dye intermediates. Get a Quote
Super Refined Grade of Naphthalene Flakes & Beads The extremely refined form of naphthalene is employed to manufacture colours, intermediates, and mothballs. A significant amount is within the textile sector. From this, numerous additional compounds are derived. Get a Quote
Naphthalene Moth Ball At normal temperatures, these substances are solids that may be formed into spherical balls, flakes, and cakes. Over time, they decompose into gas and discharge fumes into the atmosphere. Mothballs are designed to kill moths and other insects which consume fibres in attempt to protect garments. Get a Quote
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The Himadri Advantage

  • Quality is what makes us the market leader.
  • The best technology makes the best products.
  • Reliable supply of in-house raw materials.
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