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At Himadri, innovation is a way of life. Our innovation-focused strategy enables our team of scientists and engineers in R&D to use cutting-edge technology, enabling them to create bespoke products and solutions focused on needs for the future. Our advanced laboratories are accredited by NABL, while our R&D team, consists of both national and international experts, showcases proficiency and experience, while collaborating effectively and bringing fresh perspectives to problem-solving. This dynamic blend of knowledge and skills enables us to stay at the forefront.

Research-driven Innovation

At Himadri, we offer cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions to our consumers that not only meet their evolving needs but also reduce our carbon footprint. Our continued success and industry leadership hinge on the sustainable growth fostered by R&D, and the incorporation of transformative technologies.

The product innovation pipeline of the Company reflects the positive outcomes of our investment in research and development. Innovation in process development has resulted in overall efficiency benefits, including lower product prices, improved quality, and better yield.

Guided by an innovation-led strategy, we are focused on creating new products, particularly in the Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) materials domain. Additionally, the Company is diligently working on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint in select processes through inventive techniques.

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Our R&D efforts encompass all three crucial areas: Product, Process, and Technology.

The strong product development pipeline of the Company stands testament to its continuous focus on the development of innovative and trend-leading products. It has also helped the company to continuously value-add and play across the overall value chain.

The Company’s continuous focus on process improvement enhances its efficiencies. This has led to better product yield, improved throughput, and higher energy efficiency.

Our in-house technology development equips us to compete on a global scale. Diverse offerings such as various grades of Coal Tar Pitch, Advance Carbon Material, and Specialty Carbon Black stand as a testament to the capabilities afforded by our proprietary technology. We strive to reduce manufacturing costs by recycling and reusing waste

At Himadri, we meet our customers’ expectations by consistently prioritising quality and ensuring that it is retained in all the operations, including product development and manufacturing. We have an independent QA team responsible for documentation and data control. The QA team stays up to-date with the latest techniques and technologies through regular training and audits at our state-of-the-art NABL- accredited research lab. Himadri complies with established regulations, processes and standards to protect quality while also manufacturing eco-friendly products. Our commitment to quality has led to partnerships with various organisations and helped us gain recognition from the Indian government.

Our excellent research team is responsible for the introduction of new product grades, as well as increased output and enhancements in our manufacturing processes. Our research endeavours have been acknowledged in esteemed research journals across the globe.

We continue to use new and emerging technologies to drive the transition to a sustainable future, keeping innovation at the forefront of our efforts. We value new ideas, use advanced technologies and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. This approach allows us to simplify complexities, enhance operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth.

The value chain of the business has progressively improved over the decade, through indigenous research and development with focus on special product profile

Benefits of Our R&D

Our persistent R&D efforts have resulted in the production of unique products. These include special-grade carbon black derived from raw materials sourced from Coal Tar. We have also developed specialised grades of carbon black tailored for diverse printing grades, engineering plastic master batches and so on.

Benefits of Our R&D

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led to the development of Mesophase Pitch for anode materials, as well as High SP pitch specifically formulated for refractory applications.

Benefits of Our R&D

We have surpassed production targets in the manufacturing of superior-quality carbon black across various grades, showcasing our flexibility in utilising available raw materials.

Benefits of Our R&D

Our dedicated R&D wing has conducted extensive research and developed revolutionary technologies for utilizing blends of varying qualities of Coal Tar and Coal Tar-based oils in various proportions, either independently or in conjunction with petroleum-based feedstock, thus expanding the scope of our research.

Benefits of Our R&D

Significant improvements to our existing manufacturing processes have been made including the installation of Advanced Failure Mode Analysis and Advanced Product Quality Planning. These enhancements cover raw material, final goods quality, and the optimisation of Naphthalene output from Coal Tar, with the objective of lowering Naphthalene slippage in heavy oils.

Benefits of Our R&D

Our R&D efforts have yielded various benefits, including increased fuel economy, improved control over inputs, and an overall improvement in the quality of our product, which meets international specifications.

Benefits of Our R&D

We developed Zero-QI pitch, a remarkable achievement that only two other companies globally can lay claim to.

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Innovation-driven Product Development

At Himadri, our commitment to innovation propels us to create cutting-edge products, pioneering processes, and advanced technologies.