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Speciality Black


Speciality Black

Speciality carbon blacks have a range of functional uses that enable our customers to provide reinforcement, impart colour, improve mechanical properties, enhance UV protection, provide rheology control, and deliver conductivity across a wide range of products. Himadri’s range of speciality carbon blacks are tailored to deliver these features to meet the performance requirements in a wide range of end uses including, but not limited to, racing tyres, automotive fuel systems, automotive interiors, pressure pipes, power cable, agricultural film, paints, and inks.

Himadri is well-prepared to engage in cross-referencing the functionalities of carbon black through in-depth technical discussions tailored to specific project needs. We aim to align custom requirements with our diverse array of offerings employing the expertise of our state-of-the-art applications laboratories. Here, we conduct comprehensive testing not only on the carbon black itself but also on various compounds and formulations, creating new grades to meet specific requirements of the market.

For further details on Himadri's complete range of specialty blacks suitable for applications such as tires, mechanical rubber goods, plastics, inks, coatings, and more, read below.

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VIRTEX carbon blacks: Redefining tire performance by shattering grip, rolling resistance, and wear trade-offs. Unparalleled treadwear, low resistance, and impeccable quality for optimal performance.

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KLAREX carbon blacks: Precision-designed for seamless extrusions, ensuring superior quality, smoothness, and minimal defects.

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ONYX medium color blacks by Himadri: Enhancing engineering plastics with deep color at low loadings, preserving the integrity of underlying mechanical properties.

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Inks & Coating

Speciality carbon blacks: Aesthetic excellence meets functionality. Unrivaled black color, superior fastness, captivating blue undertones, and deep jetness for automotive finishes.