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New Energy Material Innovations

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We have our R&D team spread across the globe with extensive expertise in Lithium-ion Battery (LiB) providing breakaway innovations in various stages of LiB. We are conducting advanced research across the value chain of LiBs – Mining Extraction, Refining, Precursor Materials and Battery Raw Materials & Components.

Precursor Materials:

• Development of advanced precursor coke for Anode Materials to ensure efficient performance in LiB.

• Quality Control of precursors to ensure stability in performance of the Anode Materials developed.

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Battery Raw Materials:

Anode Materials

  • Providing innovative Synthetic Anode Materials with higher fast discharge capacity, efficiency and enabling fast charging.

  • Development of Silicon Composite Anode Materials to enable 1st Discharge Capacity of more than 450 mAh/g and less volumetric expansion.

  • Hybrid Graphite Anode consisting of Synthetic and Natural Graphite: To imbibe the characteristics of both Synthetic and Natural Graphite to provide a unique Anode solution to the Cell Manufacturers

LFP Cathode Materials

  • Next generation Iron based Cathode Materials involving Manganese and other metallic components to enhance the energy density of the composite Cathode Materials.

  • Alternate Cathode Chemistry: Researching on alternate cathode chemistries to reduce dependence on lithium and other rare materials while improving on performance of the cathode materials.

  • Developing LFP Cathode Materials suitable for high-end 4 wheelers, which will increase the life cycle and the range of the LFP battery.

  • Next Gen R&D involving usage of AI to enhance the performance of LFP cathode materials.

Mining Extraction & Refining

  • R&D on advanced and sustainable technology to extract, recover, separate, and concentrate the lithium to create a purified, concentrated lithium product stream.

  • Designing a technology with refinery steps (direct conversion) to convert to battery grade lithium materials.

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