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SNF Innovations

Himadri Chemicals Speciality Ltd. has successfully engineered specialized sodium naphthalene formaldehyde (SNF) formulations to address the unique demands of non-construction sectors, including Agrochemicals, Textile, Gypsum, and Latex.
Originally conceived as a second-generation superplasticizer for concrete, SNF has proven its superiority over lingo-sulphonates. Despite a decline in its application within the construction chemical domain, where it is progressively being supplanted by polycarboxylate ether (PCE) due to superior performance and customization attributes, SNF continues to carve a niche in non-construction applications. Notably, it serves as a crucial dispersant in the production of Gypsum boards, Latex products, Dyes Dispersions, and Textile Chemicals.
Acknowledging the paramount importance of health and safety, Himadri's in-house Research and Development team has collaborated closely with esteemed Indian and international partners. This collaboration has led to the development of cutting-edge SNF grades aligning with the evolving regulatory landscape.
These innovative formulations include ‘Low Free Formaldehyde’ grades tailored for Gypsum board manufacturing, along with ‘Low Free Naphthalene’ and ’Low Quinoline’ grades designed specifically for Textile applications. By consistently exceeding industry standards, we remain at the forefront of delivering solutions that not only meet but surpass the expectations of our discerning clientele.
The commitment to innovation and responsiveness to dynamic regulatory requirements underscores Himadri's dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions. As a result, the company stands poised to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving market, ensuring that its SNF products continue to set the benchmark for excellence across diverse industrial segments.

PCE Innovations

With over three decades of experience, Himadri has been at the forefront of advancing Polycarboxylate Ether (PCE) technology, continually enhancing its performance to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry.

PCE, introduced almost 40 years ago, has effectively replaced sodium naphthalene formaldehyde (SNF) in construction admixtures, demonstrating its enduring relevance. The polymerization process of PCE has undergone continuous refinement to align with the exacting requirements of modern engineering construction. As the industry faces new challenges posed by the Green concrete movement, we remain proactive in our commitment to innovation and has successfully developed next-generation PCE formulations to address these challenges.

In response to the pressing needs of contemporary construction practices, Himadri's rigorous research and development efforts have resulted in groundbreaking PCE products. Notably, the company has introduced ‘Slump-retaining PCE’, boasting an impressive retention time of nearly four hours, and ‘Water-reducing PCE’, capable of achieving a remarkable 50% reduction in water content. These advancements not only contribute to the high strength of concrete but also align with the principles of sustainability by improving the life and durability of structures.

Himadri's dedication to pushing the boundaries of PCE technology underscores its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the construction industry's dynamic requirements.