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Board Of Directors


Anurag Choudhary

As the CMD & CEO, Anurag Choudhary has led the transformation of Himadri from a coal tar pitch manufacturing company to one of the world's most extensive value chains in the carbon segment. Under his leadership the group has achieved market leadership in its key products and expanded into new products and markets like carbon black, lithium-ion battery material, construction chemicals etc. He was instrumental in bringing in institutional investors as Himadri's equity partners. He sees a transformational opportunity in electric vehicles and electric storage space and is pioneering the development of lithium-ion battery materials in India. His vision and relentless focus on execution has led to Himadri's CAGR growth of 30% over 6 years.

Executive Director

Amit Choudhary

Amit Choudhary is the Executive Director of the Company, bringing with him a wealth of expertise and leadership. He is entrusted with the pivotal role of spearheading project expansions and overseeing implementation activities within Himadri. A driving force for all, under his stewardship the company underwent remarkable multi-fold expansion of capacities across all business verticals. This transformative growth underscores his strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to the Group's advancement. Beyond his responsibilities in project management domain, he also takes on the crucial role of guiding the Human Resource function of Himadri. His adept mentorship plays a pivotal role in fostering a cohesive and empowered Team Himadri, reflective of the company's values and aspirations.

Executive Director

Shyam Sundar Choudhary

He is the executive director of the company since its commencement. He is a commerce graduate and has decades of experience in Industrial and Commercial activities. He is responsible for the project expansions and implementation activities within the group. He has successfully commissioned various new projects of the company way ahead of the scheduled time delivering the state of art technology plants.

Non-Executive Independent Director

Sakti Kumar Banerjee

S.K. Banerjee is a seasoned professional with a B.E. (Civil) degree from Jadavpur University- Kolkata, boasting an impressive 39-year career across PSU(s) and Government Organizations. Graduating as a Civil Engineer, he embarked on his journey in 1965 with Bridge & Roof, where his role as Graduate Engineer Trainee included innovative steel structure design. Transitioning to South Eastern Railway in 1966 he specialized in railway bridge design. Banerjee's prowess led him to Fertilizer Corporation of India- Sindh in 1968, assuming roles like Astt. Project Engineer and Deputy Chief Engineer. Joining National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) in 1984 marked his rise to Chief Engineer (T & C), later becoming Director (P&T) till his superannuation as Chairman-cum-Managing Director in 2004.

Non-Executive Independent Director

Santimoy Dey

Santimoy Dey is a distinguished Non-Executive Independent Director in the Himadri Board of Directors. With a Bachelor of Science degree from Calcutta University, he brings decades of expertise in Agriculture Marketing Society, Co-operatives, and Agricultural Practices. Mr. Dey is well-versed in Business Development Projects, Fertilizer Business, and Diversification strategies. His impressive track record includes 10 years as Chairman cum Chief Executive of Haripal Thana Large Sized Primary Agricultural Marketing Society Limited, and also significant roles with institutions like Iffco Kishan Seva Trust (for 25 years), CORDET IFFCO (for 20 years), and "INDIRA Trust"- an educational trust (for 15 years) among others. He is the part of the management committee of CORDET, Kalol, Gujarat, Member of the general body of IFFCO & NAFED, New Delhi, Cabinet Member of International Lions Club, and President of Dhaniakhali Lions Club J.M.C.H.C Hospital and is currently serves as Working President at Panisheola Indira Smriti Vidyapith.

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr. Gopal Ajay Malpani

Mr. Gopal Ajay Malpani is a seasoned Non-Executive Independent Director of Himadri. He adorns diverse educational qualifications - LLB, CA., B. Com, and M.B.L. from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. With over 15 years of practice experience, he's an accomplished Advocate offering invaluable legal advisory services primarily in corporate laws and stamp duty matters. Mr Malpani's expertise shines in critical areas like mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and stamp duty laws. His core strengths encompass corporate law, business setup, mergers and acquisitions, property law, and financial statement advisory. As a legal professional of the highest calibre, Mr. Malpani plays a pivotal role in guiding businesses through complex transactions, ensuring compliance and strategic decision-making.

Non-Executive Independent Director

Girish Paman Vanvari

Meet Mr. Girish Paman Vanvari, one of our Non-Executive Independent Directors. He is a distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. With over 27 years of consulting experience, he founded Transaction Square, a leading Tax, Regulatory, and Business Advisory Firm. Girish's professional journey includes pivotal roles as National Leader for Tax at KPMG India and an influential tenure at Arthur Andersen. His expertise encompasses ethical tax practice, M&A deals and regulatory insights across industries. Girish's approach of providing comprehensive advice from concept to execution has yielded enduring decisions. A conference host and an industry speaker par excellence, he's featured in international and Indian media. Girish also serves as an Independent Director on the boards of Aurobindo Pharma Limited and Tarsons Products Private Limited. His influence shapes major M&A deals and market-entry strategies, leaving an indelible mark on India's tax landscape.

Non-Executive Independent Director

Rita Bhattacharya

Rita Bhattacharya is a seasoned Non-Executive Independent Director with a diverse background. Graduating with Honours in Chemistry and fluent in multiple languages, she brings a wealth of experience from the Life Insurance industry. Rita's career journey includes pivotal roles such as Secretary General in the Insurance Council's Governing Body and significant contributions in various departments of the corporation, ranging from Actuarial and Personnel to IT and Corporate Communications. Ms Bhattacharya's association with LIC began in 1981, culminating in her superannuation in May 2014 as Executive Director (HR -DOD). Her notable achievements include the International Marketer of the Year (Insurance Sector) award at the International Association of Advertisers Leadership Awards 2012, recognized through a Nielsen Survey audited by Ernst & Young. Her extensive expertise and accolades make her a valuable asset to our team.